About Us

There are many social media applications already available in the market. Many of them provide facilities to share videos, audios, pictures, and news. Also we can see the posts that are posted by our friends or their friends. We spend a lot of time on those social networks by looking at those posts that we might not have an interest. Those posts are of different categories, but they are all mixed together which is rather an unpleasant sight. Those social networks have no capability to identify our flavours or they can’t identify what we are looking for.

We spotted some drawbacks on all other social networking applications and we decided to change the user experience by introducing ShareGiga, the new way of sharing things. We are trying to revolutionize the user experience by introducing a new way to share things. We provide options for categorization of the data’s that are being posted in our web application. We introduce some common categories that people are always looking for. Our aim is that, people only need to view things that they are interested in.

Some people might have also thought like us “why should we need to see things according to others interest or flavor !? ”. we have our own interests or flavour’s .Some people might have interest in News, for some it maybe music, some may like to dwell in the recipes realm, … so on and so forth. We identify these interests of the user and we categorize the posts in our application to suit their tastes. We have introduced some major categories Such as News, Music, Video, Library, Games, Pictures, Recipes, Applications, Coupons, and many more to come.

We provide a great user experience to our users by allowing them to filter posts into different categories according to their taste, they can view all the posts by a specific user, and they can search for things according to their wish.

When a user signs-up to our application we collect some basic information’s and they will be requested to select at least five categories from the given categories list. Then, they will get feeds from those selected categories only. Also there’s an option to change the selected categories whenever needed.

Every user has the provision to post & share things irrespective to their selected categories on our application. Another attractive thing is that every user has an option to post & share Ads freely on our application in the specific area provided for Ads. If someone interested in a post that they might feel worth sharing then, they can share the post on any other social media application. Also another key thing is that the users have an option to save their favorite posts along with the link as a bookmark on our application, just like we does on the browser.